Bo Bergemann's Tiny BJD's all fit these P-Sets.
(18cm Sugar, Spice, Addie, Alexandria and coming soon . . . Annie!)
These also fit other similar sized Tiny BJD's but are only guaranteed to fit Bo's doll's well as I actually have them tailor made to fit my little bitty lovelies!

Tiny Trouseau $140 (includes shipping in the USA)
These sets are made up of quality outfits tailor made to fit my tines. I am picky. I have two criteria - quality and adorable! So you are guaranteed to find both in your tiny trouseau!
Each Trouseau will be randomly packaged to include a minimum of 5 day outfits, one of which will be a hand smocked dress or an adorable modern little girl’s couture 3 piece set. Also a pair of PJ’s or exercise set will be in each. I will add at least 1 wig (give me your doll’s name for wig size and your preference of style/color), 2 pairs of shoes at least one of which will be a pair of boots. Then Bree and I will add a few fun extra’s. Likely more than one.
You may also choose a pair of quality eyes, just let me know the color you want. So that if I added up just the costs in on these they’d each be worth at least $180 at my costs. I’m doing this because I have so much on hand for Tinies and get more stuff all the time while my collectors are having trouble finding stuff to fit! We can’t have that, so I’m happy to supply.
Only I don’t have time to sell one outfit or pair of shoes at a time. Often I buy x number of sets for an LE and then the dolls sell out before all the clothing sets do, so I have truly excellent quality adorable Tiny BJD clothing on hand at all times taking up valuable space in my studio! So, the Tiny Trouseau was invented! Get one for your little bitty Bo Bergemann BJD and you’ll be playing with her all day!

All sales will be final on these sets and they are likely to run out quickly.
Bo Bergemann